Love leveling up and receiving mobile rewards? Use SolAps Chargebot!

Get in the game with SolAps Chargebot phone case, connect your free Bluetooth App and earn rewards daily. It’s that easy!

  • Get real-time solar data, notifications, reminders and alerts.
  • Get reliable daily power and digital reward points, worldwide.
  • Save up reward points and use in the in-App marketplace.
  • The more solar power you collect, the more you get, daily.


SolAps Chargebot – The Rewarding Smart Solar System

Have you ever had that moment where you forgot to charge your phone or portable device…, and you were just about leaving home? Wouldn’t it be great if you received rewards for charging your phone or mobile device with cool and portable Solar Power?


This is the reason we decided to develop the solution. SolAps Chargebot is a smart solar system that makes solar charging of devices a fun and rewarding activity.

Solar IOT

Take your SolAps Chargebot accessory with you and charge from the sun while you’re on the move and get reward points for later shopping in the free App (IOS and Android). That’s it.

Are you waiting for “someday” to start living a more rewarding lifestyle

You know that “someday” never really comes, just like “tomorrow.” 

Why put your success off for another day when you can have it now by purchasing SolAps Chargebot

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You may not get another chance. 

This quote by Hillel the Elder says it all: 

“If not now, WHEN?”

Make this the day you decided to change your life.

Make it the day you start living a rewarding lifestyle and stop worrying about charging your smart phone. Not the day you decided to do nothing…again. 

Show your family and friends the experience of a more rewarding lifestyle and get your rewarding solar phone case.

If you are going to ever conquer the need to constantly charge your phone at power outlets and missing out on daily rewards, I strongly encourage you to order today and commit the time to going through this SolAps Chargebot phone case.  

You will easily get the rewards daily, Without the question that usually sabotages it all: “What do I do next?” 

Order now. You’ll start living a more rewarding lifestyle without the need to stay tethered to wall power outlets and missing out on abundant daily solar rewards.

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Proof. It Works For Them…

It can work for you too!

Ali Ahmed Sha, Bakersfield, CA

“SolAps Chargebot helped me provide an innovative product to meet the needs of my customers in my international cellphone accessory distributorship in just a short time. Now my life is so much better because I finally started to deliver an exclusive product that rewards my customers, making me happy. I couldn’t have done it without SolAps Chargebot.” 


Downtown Wireless – Owner, San Jose, CA

“SolAps Chargebot is helping me charge my phone and get daily reward benefits within several hours of solar charging. Now my life is so much smarter all thanks to SolAps Chargebot.” 


Total Value of SolAps Chargebot Exclusive Bundle: $800.00

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